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Curriculum Vitae

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Alex Grace

95 Seaview Road, Glenfield, 0629, Auckland

Email: alex@korneev.biz
Mobile: 022-642-1514
Skype: alexdj666
ICQ: 125659225
Website: http://korneev.biz


Title Purposes
Computer Support Technician
Database/Systems Administrator
Obtain a position as a support specialist or systems administrator, there I can apply my skills and help your company support and improve current IT processes.


Management skills

  • Launching new businesses. Developing strategies for short and long-term development plans and making a decision for new directions of business.
  • Planning and organizing. Accurately estimating time and effort required to complete a task. Organizing personal time to carry out responsibilities. Using Kanban, Scrum/Agile («Waterfall» earlier) and Gantt’s diagram.
  • Communication. Establishing strong working relationships with employees. Promoting easy access to information and feedback. Promoting employee involvement in planning, development activities, recognizing, and praising top performers.
  • Availability management. Ensuring services availability meets SLAs. Determining the cause of availability failures. Reviewing business requirements for availability of business systems. Cataloging business requirements. Ensuring proper contingency plans are in place and tested. Establishing high-availability, redundant systems to support mission-critical applications.

Language skills

  • Russian. Native language.
  • English. Proficient level. Academic IELTS overall band score – 6.5 (certificate: .pdf | .png)
  • Japanese. Basic knowledge.

Computer-based skills

  • Helpdesk. An experience of working with some 1st, 2nd and 3rd line (L1/L2/L3) projects.
  • Hardware. Assembling, installation and troubleshooting of servers and PCs.
  • Software. Installation and configuring any software. Excellent knowledge of office toolkits: Microsoft Office; email toolkits; accounting programs; average knowledge of designer’s software – Adobe, Corel; and CAD/GIS software – AutoCAD, Compass, 3DSMax.
  • Operation systems. Excellent knowledge of desktop platforms – Windows 9x-8.1, Linux-based, Mac OS. Also, good knowledge of server platforms – Windows Server NT 4.0 – 2012 R2; Linux-based – Debian, Red Hat, CentOS; BSD – FreeBSD.
  • Servers. Installing, configuring and troubleshooting servers. Managing user accounts and security permissions based on Active Directory/LDAP.
  • Network. Designing, implementing and maintenance of enterprise network components. Configuring network hardware (switches, routers, AP), including CISCO.
  • Website development. Installation and configuration web server software (Apache/Nginx + MySQL + PHP + Perl). Creation websites based on CMS. Page makeup based on div and grid structures respected by w3c.

Work History

08.2012 – present Leads Ltd. (http://leads.su/)


 Internet advertising, CPA/CPS PPL/PPS, affiliates



  • CEO (TradeLeads)


  • Leadership in the setting and achieving of strategic and organizational goals
  • Responsible for all aspects of IT
  • Administering IT department
  • Oversight of all aspects of IT-staff performance
  • Preparing contracts and agreements with key advertisers (banks)
  • Analysis and optimization of business processes
  • Developing strategies for SaaS software produced by company
  • Managing work with other affiliate networks
  • Business trips
  • Budgeting


  • Studied basics of affiliate networks
  • Developed strategies for short and long-term development plans and made decision to start horizontal diversification
  • Preparing for launching new business lines such as new offer types – e-Commerce, games and mobile
  • Was promoted from CIO/CTO to chief of an e-commerce department
  • Opened back-office in Ukraine
  • Planned opening new back-offices around the world
  • Created traffic-department
  • Implemented A/B/N and MVT-testing of landing pages and websites
  • Implemented Waterfall management system instead of «Rapid Development» in 2012
  • Implemented incremental software development system Agile/Scrum (agile mindset) at the end of 2013
  • Implemented Kanban, useful tools such as sprints, stand-ups, retrospectives and demos
  • Planned, made and completed migration from old tracking platform DirectTrack to new one – HasOffers without erasing user data
  • Designed new in-house tracking platform and new user control panel
  • New in-house platform is planned to be produced as SaaS software
  • Migrated user data from HasOffers to new in-house platform
  • In-house platform was integrated with more than 20 banks and more than 10 affiliates networks
  • Launched http://bankspro.ru/
  • Launched new business project http://tradeleads.su/
  • Leaded several informational and educational webinars
  • Created several presentations
  • Participated in several profile conferences
  • Implemented Active Directory for office usage
  • Implemented helpdesk-system based on Zendesk


11.200901.2013 A corporate group Kvartet (earlier KSK Ltd.) (http://gk-kvartet.ru/)

ГК Квартет

IT Outsourcing, diagnosis and repair of computer equipment


  • Co-founder


  • Leadership in the setting and achieving of strategic and organizational goals
  • Performance evaluation
  • Training and supervising work crews
  • Preparing contracts and agreements
  • Developing strategies for IT-outsourcing


  • During first year, was realized more than 20 web-projects and got more than 30 contracts for IT outsourcing, was completed more than 50 single projects
  • The level of self-sufficiency achieved after 8 months after opening. After that, two additional offices was opened and rented small warehouse
  • Created three departments: IT, web development and 1C-accounting (outsourcing & franchising)
  • Internal market of services was inspected for abilities to create new businesses
  • Hired two server specialists – for Windows Server and Linux-based platforms
  • Company started inspect CCTV and security systems in early 2012
  • Trained sales managers
  • Implemented KPI system for sales
  • Implemented CRM-system TeamWox. TeamWox was changed to Microsoft Dynamic CRM 6 months later
  • Created internal SVN-server


11.200806.2009 Call-Center «Very easy» ()

Очень Удобно

Online information services


  • CTO


  • Managing company servers (Windows 2008 + Linux (Debian))
  • Responsible for all aspects of IT and SIP
  • Oversight of all aspects of IT-staff performance


  • Created two departments: IT and web development
  • Hired 10 people for IT and web development departments
  • Trained and supervised work crews
  • Prepared contracts and agreements for LAN and SIP
  • Installed and configured IP telephony
  • Implemented call-center based on Infinity call center software (E1)
  • Designed and implemented LAN between four buildings
  • In charge of a 10 member staff


02.2007 – 07.2008 Promconsulting Ltd. (http://promk.ru/)


 engineering, implementation of industrial equipment


  • System administrator
  • Deputy CTO


  • Managing company servers (Windows 2003 + Linux (Debian) & FreeBSD)
  • Creating network security policy (LAN consists more than 70 computers)
  • Supporting mail services (SendMail, squirell)
  • Supporting internal telephone network (based on Samsung iDCS-500 (2 items) + AddPac ap200 + Asterisk)
  • Creating remote access to corporate network (VPN)
  • Producing documentation on operational, system and user procedures and guidelines
  • Maintenance remote offices
  • Performing hardware installation; troubleshooting and break/fix repairs on PC’s
  • Responding to phone, e-mail, and personnel requests for technical support
  • Assisting users with software and hardware questions
  • Investigating and resolve network issues
  • Involving in network designing for the new sites


  • Prepared and implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • Implemented cryptosystem for protecting personal user data
  • Managing crypto tunnels between remote offices (OpenVPN -> IPSec)
  • Created and maintained LAN backup system
  • In charge of a 2 member staff


09.2004 – 01.2006 Hazynet, city local network (http://www.hazynet.ru/(absorbed by  http://g-service.ru/)



  • System administrator


  • Managing four servers (Windows 2003)
  • Responding to phone, e-mail, and personnel requests for technical support
  • Assisting users with software and hardware questions
  • Investigating and resolve network issues
  • Involving in network designing for the new sites


  • Achieved improved traffic performance by migration billing servers to Linux-based platform
  • Launched server for two on-line games (World of Warcraft – Mangos, Counter-Strike)
  • Launched web-server for registrations and collecting stats (Apache + MySQL + PHP + Perl)


10.2000 – 08.2001 PolyPlastic Ltd. (http://www.polyplastic.ru/)

  polyplasticdevelopment  and production of plastic pipes and engineering plastics


  • Assistant System Administrator


  • Configuring, installing and testing computer systems in four buildings consisting of more than 200 Windows and Linux computers.
  • Assisting system administrator with more than 200 computers: setting up, customizing, and troubleshooting hardware, distributed application.
  • Network cable technician responsible for moves, adds, and changes made to the inter-network topology. Oversaw related connectivity and repair.


  • Designed and implemented LAN between four buildings
  • Installed and configured IP telephony
  • Researched Windows 9x/NT platforms with Advanced User level

Education and qualifications


2002 – 2005 KSU (Krasnoyarsk State University, Russia, Krasnoyarsk)SaMM (State and municipal management) – 1 year
IER (International economic relations) – 2 years
Master of economics (completed 4 years out of 5)
2000 – 2002 HSE (High school of economics, Russia, Moscow)Sociology – 2 yearsBachelor of Sociology (completed 2 years out of 5)


1998 – 2000 Gymnasium №3 (Russia, Krasnoyarsk)
1990 – 1998 School №95 (Russia, Krasnoyarsk)

Additional courses

2015 Design Thinking process and tools used for business innovation – Coursera
2015 Gamification – Coursera
2014 English courses – preparation for IELTS (individual) – certificate .pdf | .png
2013 ICP – Certified Agile Professional – certificate .pdf | .png
1998 – 2000 English courses (FCE), Accounting, Economics (CEC (Child educational centre, Russia, Krasnoyarsk)

Personal statement

  • Leadership. I look at leadership as a potential and ability to contribute significantly to an organization, a team or a cause. At various stages of life, I have experienced my significant contributions, sometimes in a formal set up and sometimes in informal manner.
  • Management. I try to use modern types of management and look forward for new management trends. Also I implement Agile mindset into my job and life
  • Sport. Took a part on several Universiades as a part of main table-tennis team. I enjoy playing table tennis and have 1st adult rank. In addition, I used to play football each Friday with my friends just for relax.
  • Table games. I evolve strategic thinking playing games like «Carcassonne». Moreover, I enjoy playing games like «Munchkin» and think that it can be useful to study people’s emotions and behavior.
  • Life online. I have my blog. It is about advertising and affiliate marketing in general.
  • Life offline. Exploration of new countries and territories are best part of my life. Especially, if it reached by car or ATV. Mountains, deserts and seashores are my special passions.


References available upon request.

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